My name is Bryan. I am a web developer and I love it. I love to create sleek, stylish, and most of all useful, tools and web applications for anyone who will use them. Through web development I've found a creative outlet, a career, a hobby, and a passion. I've posted some of the projects that I'm most proud below (more to come). I've also posted links to the various ways you can get ahold of me. Please feel free to provide feedback, fork any code, or just say hi.


These are some web apps I've worked on


Defaced is a mobile first, geo-location app, designed to let users mark locations of street art and share their photos of the art.
Github page


Roomie Karma is a rails app built to allow users to create chore and supply charts. Reminder emails are automatically sent and scores are tallied, to let you know who the most zen roomie in the house is.
Github page


Pocket Tally is an mobile-first app designed to give users a super simple way to track spending from their phone. Pocket Tally is built using Backbone.js and rails.
Github page


MapMaps is a simple mapping app which allows the user to search for locations and draw and edit lines and shapes on the map. All using Leaflet's mapping API and a beautiful Stamen Design overlay. Use it for meetings, pointing out features to friends, or just to play around.
Github page

More info...

BA Geography - University of California Berkeley
GIS Professional Certification - San Francisco State University
Web Development Immersive - General Assembly

2007 - 2010 GIS Analyst - CH2MHILL
2010 - 2013 Lead GIS Analyst - E2 Consulting Engineers